No Place Like Home

by Without Heroes

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Debut release from Without Heroes. Consists of 5 tracks.


released April 21, 2011

Vocals/Lyrics: Gianluca Tarasca
Guitar: Dylan Daquano
Guitar: Billy Partridge
Bass: Eric Holland
Drums: Kyle Brownlee
Synth: Christopher Martlin



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Without Heroes Georgetown, Ontario

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Track Name: The Apple Of My Eye
I was lost without hope,
Secluded from those of my nature.
Trapped in the darkness that stalks me,
I see no way of escaping.
All that I envision is the same shade of black.
My hearts not with me today.
Its absence tortures me with no remorse.
Who am I to feel sorry for my self,
When I lack the ability to feel?
And then I saw you…
The light reflecting from your smile
Showed me the way to my escape.
For once I felt something more than rage,
The rage produced by my frozen heart,
And the overwhelming heat you bestow on me.
Melts the ice that is my heart.
Your eyes have shown me the answers to the questions
I have never solved before.
You are everything that I live for.
Which is everything worth living for.
I have found my path and it’s leading me into your arms.
Believe me when I say,
There is no place like home.
Track Name: Ripples In The Water
Like ripples in the water,
We'll only grow much bigger.
With our heads held high,
We'll always be together.
"Like footprints in the sand"
We won’t be here forever.
Day by day, and night through night.
We beg for guidance to make things right.
Our time here is way too short
To drown in an abyss of sorrow.
We are the painters of the pictures.
That is our lives.
All on the same wooden canvas.
When will all of this get through our heads?
We have so much more to worry for.
Open the window that brings you back to reality.
Breathe in the air to rid of your cares.
I live my life as if everyday is my last;
Knowing things always look up from here.
When will the crying end?
Your tears are flooding my lungs,
And I can't breathe.
Wipe your tears from off your face.
Track Name: To Make Something From Nothing
Goddamn, I think I'm losing it.
Somehow, someway, I'm not all here today.
My cause is overwhelming,
It shatters my true upbringing.
Just how much of this can you put me through?
It's getting old, I want out of this chokehold.
Everyday is something new, another bolt straight from the blue.
Lo and behold, you're nothing more than fucking cold.
I can't stand this anymore, I've fucking heard, I've heard it all before.
This means war.
Trouble’s coming in through your back door.
I've fallen to the floor.
Crushed by my own belongings,
Punished for all my wrongdoings.
In this moment of truth,
I refuse to deprive myself of peace.
When it feels like the world just gave up,
Through thick and thin,
I will stand strong.
Let it be known.
Track Name: Like Mother Like Son
Do you know what its like
To never see your son again?
When the worst possible thing to happen happens, but your still standing strong on your feet.
When the world is watching your fall,
but its the odds that you beat.
Your will is too strong to admit defeat.
My son, always remember to stay true to what is you.
United; this is the unity we share.
Even at this distance, I'll always be with you.
Just within arms reach, always and forever.
Things will look brighter my golden treasure.
The apple never fell far from the tree.
Like mother and like son.
For this I lay my cards out,
Its time you hear the truth.
You will never be forgotten.
Not here not now.
You are so close,
Yet still so far away.
I can feel you with me.
But you're nowhere to be seen.
Track Name: The Apologetic Enthusiast
What good could this truly be to me?
A sharpened thorn in my side, of my obscurity.

...No more can I take this.
The guilt inside my mind, the need to be set free.

A loaded barrel of regret, sinking in a sea.
The letters in your trash can, of my apologies.

The skeletons in my closet that don't define me.
No reasons for my actions or of my ambiguity.

Where did I go wrong?

A loaded barrel of regret, sinking in a sea.
The letters in your trash can, of my apologies.

Exactly where did I go wrong?

What kind of a man would I be
if I hid behind these lie.
One step at a time,

I will break this wall that you see through.

One by one, I will make my wrongs turn right.
One by one, I will put up the good fight.
One by one, I will earn your forgiveness.
One by one, I will leave behind my selfishness.

"May the wind always be at your back
and the sun always upon your face
and the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dace with the stars."